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Moving photos are mixture of photos and videos. Cinemagraphs combine photo's ability to deliver all the info at once and video's movement effect that catches vier's eye in overcrowded digital environments.


Cinemagraph conversion

Studies show that ads using cinemagraphs are in comparision to old-school pictures

  • 75% higher CTR - ads are being clicked
  • 51x higher social media engagement
  • 41% better cost effect - ROI


Where it fits and where to use

Cinemagraphs can be used all over your whole media-plan.

  • e-mail marketing,
  • Facebook,
  • Instagram,
  • web banners,
  • shopping mall's screens,
  • outdoor media,
  • web backrounds and contect.


What content to use in cinemagraph

Moving photos should be about aesthetically enjoyable things or moments. Rather it supports branding than direct sales conversions, keep that in mind!

Most propriet topics are fashion, home, furniture, cars, people, ... so more likely beautiful things itselves. Boring topics are out everywhere.

Cinemagraphs are widely used by brands like: Lexus; Mercedes, Sony, Microsoft, Coca Cola, American Express, Samsung, Pepsico, Twitter, Facebook etc.

Moving photos can be made from the scratch or from existing photo or video.

Cinemagraph pricelist:

  • Animating existing photo: 200€ +VAT
  • Phptp from the scratch production 250-500€ +VAT
  • Converting to another size/format 25€+VAT per size
  • Banners 25€+VAT per banner size


Does Mailbow suuport cinemagraph type of pictures/videos?

  • E-mail campaign - yes
  • Landing page backround picture - yes
  • Landing page content picture - yes


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