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Automate your contact gathering, segmenting, their data enriching, sending right content at right timingg. Mailbow empowers organizations to communicate with their customers using source data and to send responsive beautiful emails via marketing automation.

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We offer you fixed monthly plans, so simply choose the plan that matches your list size.

List size   Monthly fee
0 - 250   0 €/month
1 000   10,00 €/month
2 000   20,00 €/month
3 000   30,00 €/month
5 000   39,00 €/month
7 500   55,00 €/month
10 000   60,00 €/month
20 000   109,00 €/month
30 000   129,00 €/month
40 000   149,00 €/month
50 000   169,00 €/month
70 000   199,00 €/month
100 000    329,00 €/month
200 000    490,00 €/month
300 000    359,00 €/month
400 000   Please contact!
NB! Prices do not include VAT
NB! Mailbow is not meant to be used for sending any kind of campaigns that can be defined as spam.
If our regular service level (reacting within 24hours) feels unsufficient, we recommend to sign additional SLA (Service Level agreement) according to your expectations.
Service Level Monthly Fee
Within 8 hours 149,00 €/month
Within 8 hours 249,00 €/month
Within 8 hoursl 349,00 €/month
Within 8 hours 449,00 €/month
Within 8 hours 549,00 €/month
Within 8 hours 649,00 €/month
Within 8 hours 759,00 €/month
Within 8 hours 900,00 €/month
Immediately 1490,00 €/month
Non working days Contact Us!
NB! Prices do not include VAT

In case you need extra help with creating, personalizing, designing, HTML cutting for PC and mobile or testing you newletter we are here to help you. Here is the list of services we offer at Mailbow.

Service Price
Newsletter design: responsive design, HTML, visual and testing 165,00 
Landing page: background design 55,00 €/h
Confirmation letter design: responsive design, HTML, visual and testing 165,00   / 3 letters
Newsletter HTML cutting and testing: for source we expect Photoshop's .psd file and we do the HTML cutting, visual and testing in common email environments 165,00   per newsletter
Strategy counseling: campaign and website integration 65,00 
Error message IMAP account settings 12,00 
DKIM settings 55,00 
SPF settings 55,00 
Entering contacts, up to 3 lists 55,00 €/h
Quality control 55,00 €/h

Starting package: installation and training up to 3h, up to 5 person

Additional training - support, content editing, database restore 55,00  / hour
NB! Prices do not include VAT

Can I change my plan?

Yes, you can change your plan anytime. We can adjust your monthly fee if your list grows or shrinks.

Do you provide customer support?

Yes. We provide free customer support for the first month. You can email us at, call +373 6667666 or write us on Skype: mailbow.