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Automate your contact gathering, segmenting, their data enriching, sending right content at right timingg. Mailbow empowers organizations to communicate with their customers using source data and to send responsive beautiful emails via marketing automation.

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Mailbow is an email marketing software that helps you grow your business.

Add to your revenue and grow your business simply by joining our Partner Program and offer our premier email marketing software to your clients and earn the stunning 34% of the monthly fee!

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You don't have to worry about anything, we will take care of all the technical aspects of the installation and order.

If you join our Partner Program we provide you banners, PowerPoint presentations or additional information about Mailbow.

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If you would like our service for your own business, we can offer it for FREE after 5 paying refferals. If you'd like to have your own proposals for your customers, please write what you have in mind and most probably we can make it happen.


We will always support you with our tools and experience!!

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