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Mobile newsletters (23.10.2012)

Mobile newsletter exampleSmartphones are becoming more popular every single day, the mobile sales are growing every year and this means 2 things for the marketers that send out newsletters.

1. It is an opportunity for everybody since it makes access to newsletters easier, it’s always available,

2. at the same time it also introduces new usability limitations for the designers.

According to a study conducted by Jakob Nielsen  quite many people read the same newsletter on their phone and computer as well, so they reread the content or call to action on a bigger screen. Because of this dual-platform reading we don’t recommend that you would do two versions of our newsletter, but instead use responsive design to adapt the same email to multiple platforms.

By implementing a responsive design make sure that you change the link destinations based on the users’ platform, so if they read it on mobile, redirect them to a mobile friendly website.

Mobile makes it easier to stay connected with your customers and it takes your message not only to their inbox, but right in their pocket!