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Tracking emails with Mailbow

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After you send out a newsletter it is very important that you check and analyze the results of your campaign, so you can make the next one even better. Find out more about the tracking and statistic options of Mailbow and read about how they work.

Views - we can tell the number of views by the fact that the recipient opens the email and sees pictures from the campaign or not. Some email clients show pictures automatically, some show them only for trusted senders and others require the recipient to click "Show Pictures" in their email software. We keep track of IP address, what browser the client used and when the view took place.

Clicks - whenever the recipient click on one of the links in the newsletter, then this is automatically tracked. We keep track of what link the user clicked, as well as when he clicked it and also the type of the browser used.

Opt-in Confirmations - Mailbow keeps track of all the recipients who confirmed their opt-in status.

Unsubscribes - if the recipient decides to remove himself from the recipient list, information of this is tracked by Mailbow when this happened and exactly from what campaign.

Unknown - Mailbow also shows a list of contacts that also receive the email but have not been detected as clicks or views or any other activity. We show this, because the recipients might have received the email and have opened it, but have not viewed pictures or clicked on any of the links.

Broken - we also keep track of all broken emails and failed dispatches. Mailbow detects when the domain name is not active at the time of sending as well as if the sending fails from our email servers or if the email returns as broken from the recipients server. This can happen when the recipients inbox is full. In these cases Mailbow attempts to re-send the email a few times before it considers it entirely failed. All the error messages are tracked and available for the Mailbow users.

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