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Comparing statistics

Mailbow will soon also allow you to compare different campaigns with one another. It is possible to select multiple campaign dispatches and compare their clicks, views, broken and other tracking metrics.

Campaigns can be compared with two different timeline views:

Fixed period - This means that the campaign activity is measured within a specific range of time, for example this allows to compare two campaigns activities from the January until February or take a look at all your campaign activities year over year.

Relative period - This allows to compare campaigns with one another on a single graph based on when the time of the campaign is dispatched. So it is possible to compare the first two weeks of all your campaigns and see which campaign performed better and why.

fixed period versus relative period views Mailbow

It is also possible to set the measuring unit for the campaigns when viewing the timeline. In this way you can track the changes over day or a month, but even an hour. These statistics can be shown either in line chart, column chart or a pie chart while the comparable values can be percentages or total numbers.

Here are some examples:

Email campaign activity comparison

Email campaign comparison

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