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7 ways to create new business and also email contact


Finding potential customers is not easy. In order to help you grow your business we collected for you a list of suggestions where you can make new contacts and also ask them if you can send them newsletter.

1. Meetings - It’s quite obvious that people make new contacts on meetings and that they exchange business cards, but next time ask them if you could send them a newsletter too.  

2. Fairs - People who visit fairs definitely would like to buy something, so this is the perfect opportunity for you to make a good impression and offer to add them to your newsletter list on the spot.

3. Seminars / Trainings - If you are giving a presentation then offer the participants to add them to your segmented newsletter list and send them the presentation and some extra useful information.

4. Events - Parties, concerts or even gallery visit, take the opportunity and add the people who you meet to your segmented email list.

5. Sales calls - If your company is also doing sales call, tell your agents to ask for email addresses.

6. Postcards - If you already have their postal address I am sure they are willing to give their email address as well. Everytime you send out a mail or postcard put your website address there as well.

7. Invoices - When you send out electronic invoices always include an email subscriber banner or option.


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