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The importance of subject lines - strategies that increase your open rate


Good subject line is crucial for the success of the email campaign. It is even said, that you should spend twice as much time revieving your subject lines than the body of your email. One thing we can tell for sure - great subject line will definately increase the open rates.

Be specific

Give customer a clear idea, what they are about to open. If your email is targeting a relevant segment, then being honest and upfront will give you more openings. Originality and getting people curious is antoher great strategy. Ask people questions, get them included.

Target, localize and perzonalize

Basic personalization is nothing new these days. Many of the emails start with saying hello to people by their name. But using perzonalisation in subject lines is not yet so common. Yet, personalization is one of the most powerful actions to tailor your email.

Stay in a moment

Using auto-responders comes into spotlight here. Build momentum. Using series campaigns and flagging it in the subject line is quite a logical way to increase your email conversions.

Test, test and test

Unfortunately there is no one golden rule when it comes to subject lines. Their lenght, deepness, humor etc. It is completely relative to  your target audience. So testing is the best way to draw conclusions! 

Don't get stuck on the subject line

I am sure I don't have to remind you the importance of content, but there are more points to consider. Are you using your company name in a "From" field to build the consistency? Or have you considered the fact, that if you put "Viev in the browser" as the first thing in the newsletter, this is what many email providers show on the short prieview. Even Gmail for example. Not a greatest way to get attention to your awesome contect, uh?

Sandra, Mailow Account Manager




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