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Symbols in Subject Lines


Using symbols in subject lines is not a new idea, but since it’s getting supported by more and more email providers and even mobile devices it became an increasingly popular tactic for attracting the attention of the readers. 

Even though some people consider that it makes their emails look spamier the symbols do not seem to be triggering spam filters more than a regular subject line. On the contrary some of the tests show that the unsubscribe rates of the emails sent out with symbols in the subject line are lower than the ones without. Moreover the click through rates also increases.

How to use symbols in subject lines?

  • Select the image (not the Unicode) – you can find a list of symbols here 
  • Copy it.
    • Right click and click copy
    • or press Ctrl + C
  • Paste it to the subject line of your email
    • Right click and click paste
    • or press Ctrl + v
  • Finally fill in your subject line and it’s ready to send

Pay attention to the following

Iphone symbols

  • Use them in front of the subject line so people can easily distinguish them and pay special attention when using them instead of a word.  
  • When using a symbol make sure that it’s noticeable and it is with basic level of detail, because when viewed in smaller size they can be hard to distinguish. 
  • Don’t overuse them.  Using them in every message it can lose its effectiveness. 
  • Use split testing. Make sure that you analyze your message and you can determine whether symbols improve the open rates and deliverability of your messages. 
  • Be sure to test your subject lines in a variety of mobile devices as well since they might work only on some of them.  You don’t want your customers to receive something like this: □□□□ This coupon is appetizing. 
  • Choose the right symbol. You don’t want to use on Valentine’s Day a wheelchair sign instead of a heart, right?
  • Choose them in order to accent the subject line


Here is an example how can travel agencies use the symbols in order to attract more attention. 

subject line symbols
Symbols in subject lines add value to the user experience so email recipients are more likely to get engaged. 
Now that you know how to do it, go ahead and try it out yourself! Let us know how it went. 
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