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"Free" and other questionable? subject line strategies


Subject line, together with sender's name, is crucial for the open rate of your email campaigns. Of course it doesn't matter how well tailored your subject line is, when it is sent to wrong segment. If you have segmented your contacts, well-chosen subject line is the key.

ReturnPath researched over 2900 domains and their subjects during August 2013. Let's see what they found out...

In Estonia, personalization in subject lines is not very common. Research proved that it could be very efficient tactic. In fields like hotels, home, health and beauty email subject personalization with name of the receiver caused positive impact on open rates. On the other hand, personalization in retail, music, movies and games industry didn't increase the read rate. Using name in campaign subject lines depends on context and relationship between sender and receiver. Some brands are more personal than others. For example, hotels loyalty programs bring more attention with personalized email subjects, than publishing new film or dvd. 

Shorter title is usually more profitable. But exception proves the rule. Subjects with less than 50 characters have usually better open rate and subjects with less than 25 characters were even more successful. So, if you really do not have any time for testing, just use shorter subjects.

According to the research, using symbols in subjects does not bring growth in opening rates. Of course, there are exceptions here as well. Earlier research shows that if you use symbol in the subject line, it should be the first character. Symbols are popular among spammers and that might be the reason marketers are doubtful about using them.

Word "free" is not something you should avoid in any cause. IP reputation is one of the main reasons for emails to go into junk, but can some certain words cause it too? Yes.. using some words can increase the possibility of getting into spam-trap, but there are other issues that can be more dangerous, like sending frequency or relevance. Placement rate in inbox is more dependable on these. Giveaways have their glory and using them in right context can have a positive influence on your open rates.

Other tactic that spammers also use is subject in caps lock. Reality shows that like using the word "free" it does not actually have bad influence on inbox placement rate. In certain cases they are on their own place, but of course too much is too much. 

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