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Responsive email design


Why custom responsive is important and how do we help companies to innovate?Mobile Email

In the last couple of years smartphones, tablets, netbooks are becoming more and more popular and because of this there are various sizes of web browsers. The design does not always adapt to every resolution, since they are mostly optimized for desktop computers or laptops, but not for mobile devices.

A website that is programmed in responsive design responds to the device that accesses it and delivers the appropriate shape of design for it. Rather than building several websites for different-sized devices this approach creates only one  but specifies how it should appear on every device.

The same applies to newsletters as well, more and more people read their emails from their smartphones and it is crucial that the newsletter you send out should be easily readable on tablets and mobiles as well.

Companies who run business online as well, or communicate with their audience online need to think beyond the desktop, the designs must anticipate and to respond to the users needs.

Why should website owners care about this? It can impact their business in two ways, first they will get significantly fewer visitors from those who would like to access their site with a mobile device, since according to Google 6 out of 10 people are not coming back to a not mobile friendly site. Second it can save on development  costs by not creating a design for specific device.

Advantages of responsive email design:

  • Don't have to zoom in when reading it from mobile
  • Texts are larger, more readable
  • Buttons are easy to tap
  • Photos are wider
  • Bigger conversion rates = more sales
  • More loyal customers, since they are more likely to open your emails from smartphones and tabletes in the future


Here at Mailbow we can help you create your responsive newsletters that will help the design to scale with the ever-growing array of devices and helps to grow the number of potential customers.

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