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Inbox is a battlefield


Every time You send out an email campaign it will end up in a battlefield. After emails are sent out the most crucial part will come. Which of these emails will end up winning the battle. Not only direct competitors, but everybody that is sending emails are your competitors.


Imagine the competition and the pressure. You really have to remarkable to stand out there. 416 is even a humble number. The biggest email fan receives 115 547 emails in a month. Wow, right!??



Most popular emails sent are daily deals, after that social networking and retails emails are following.  But as following we can see, that people are most likely to click not on daily deals but emails related to health and beauty are most heavily hit.



Insurance comes with being healthy and protected. More and more of us are getting interested in insurance and finances. Travelling emails are getting hip as well.



Every day there is a major battle of brands happening in millions of mailboxes. Down, some of the brands that have the highest overlap in subscribers are battling. 


Are You subscribed to any of these emails, maybe all? What brings the winner on the throne?

Think now...Who are Your biggest competitors. Have You ever wondered how many overlapping subscribers You have? Maybe You should try harder for the subscribers to open YOUR email!

Try to survive there! 




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