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E-mails in mobile devices - when and what?


Year 2013 has been declared as a year of responsive design. Therefor we cannot help to bring this subject up over and over again. A lot  of intresting aspects have to be consider and we bring you some of the stats that should make you think and plan your e-mail campaigns and make them more user frienfly for mobile devices.

First of all, what motivates people to open an email on their mobile device? There are traditional eye-catcers as subject lines, but not only...


Times are changing with the "move to mobile" as well. What should you take into consideration while timing your e-mail campaigns?



If you send your newsletter out in the beginning of the week, they are most probably viewed on Desktop. Weekend on the other hand brings the triumph of mobile devices.



While weekend, early mornings and evenings are again best for mobiles, then daytime people are mostly behind their desk and use desktop to open e-mails.

Take a moment and think when are you sending out your emails? Check out the Mailbow desktop for statistics of the Operation Systems your subscribers are using and if you have not thinked about going mobile and designing responsive newsletter, it may be your time to act!



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