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A/B testing gives results, what next?


A/B testing can be very exciting. You might find out that one headline gives better results than other and your sales go up 100%, but what next? How to maintain these results?

Marketeers were asked: How routinely does your organization implement the following testing practices?

Marketers are very good at doing and measuring single tests. Sometimes they forgot to see the whole picture. For example, you sent out the same letter with two different headings. One had higher open rate, does it mean that this heading works better and will work the next time? Not always. For example, one campaign with heading: "Important notice"  had a higher open rate. It might be that this campaign also had more unsubscribers, because the headline and content didn`t match. Using similar heading the second time might not have high open rate, cause people know, that heading from this sender is not very reliable. 
So don`t make any assumptions from one A/B testing, but measure different metrics in long term.