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Privacy Policy and Personal Data Protection

Mailbow webistes' and service enviroments' responsible processing party is:
Mailbow OÜ
Pärnu mnt 160
Tallinn 11317
Tel +372 6667666

Personal data protection

Personal data is data that Mailbow gathers and processes to provide service orderd, to identify parties, to conduct contact to serve or to solve uprising issues that prevent providing service. In general Mailbow serves only companies, therefore in most cases GDPR does not apply at all.
Mailbow does not process sensitive personal data as defined in General Data Protection Regulation alias GDPR or EU Regulation 2016/679). 

Mailbow obliges to defend clients' and users' personal data and privacy. Mailbow operations in internet are following rules set by European Union legal acts and Estonia, including General Data Protection Regulation alias GDPR or EU Regulation 2016/679). Mailbow implements all possible pre-caution methods (including administrative, technical and physical methods) to defend processes personal data. Access to process and change the data is given to authorized personnel only.
All personal data collected during visiting Mailbow websites, service or purchase environments are dealth as confidenti data. Encrypted link with payment channels ensure purchasing parties' and bank details security.
Mailbow privacy policy principles that declare policies regarding collecting and gathering, processing, using, publishing, forwarding, changing, forgetting and deleting personal data.
All given priciples do not apply to juridical parties or to other companies/institutions representatives' data processing, nor apply to personal data processing gathered by 3-rd parties' websites where to Mailbow my have links to. (external websites)
Person's data representing an enterprise/company (ordering party) is not protected in a way that is declared in GDPR Regulation 2016/679.
1. What data is been collected and processed?
  • Impersonal technical data is being collected while useres visits web sites.
  • Service environments collect personal data in addition to identify users. 
  • Technilcal data conist user computer's, network name, IP address, browser and OS version, visiting date and time. IP-addresses are not related to visiting parties unelss it is required to identify user as an additional security measure.
  • Data about visiting is collected to provide better service in websites and service environments.
  • Personal data in service environments (including webshop) is collected to fill contracts and to store preferences (including, shopping basket content, opinions, preferences, behaviour, etc) in order to provide expected service and to enhance customer experiene in service used and direct marketing.
    Data collected from physical parties (private entrepeneurs) are ID codes, VAT no and email addess, mobile phone, name, location, city, country, email address for communication and billing.
    Data collected from juridical parties (companies, institutions) are reg no, VAT no and email addess, mobile phone, name, location, city, country,  email address for communication and billing, representative persons' names, email addresses and mobile phone numbers.
  • While paying using creditcards, Maksekeskus AS provides limited data of a processing information such as success and last 4 digits from card being used. Mailbow's bank is LHV Pank AS.
  • Any data (but public) uploaded into Mailbow service environments is handled as confidential as written in contract which service user agrees while she/he starts using Mailbow services. All services can be used after agreeing with Mailbow service contract.
    All personnel operation with personal data are trained to follow GDPR or EU Regulation 2016/679 and to use proper precaution in their work with Mailbow's clients data.
Consent to processing personal data related- and required for providing Mailbow services is given when ordering the service by person authorizing/signing the electronic contract. Consent is considered given at the time of ordering Mailbow services and agreeing our standard contract. 
2. How long is data been stored?
  • Impersonal data collected from websites and service environments is been stored indefinitely.
  • Personal data related to inquiries and/or orders of any kind are stored up to 7 years from last interaction due to obligations regulated in accounting law. Interaction is defined also as reacting to direct marketing by viewing or clicking.
3. To whom is data been forwarded to?
  • Personal data processed by Mailbow is to be forwarded to third parties only if there is legal obligation or court order like request. 
  • Personal data collected by Mailbow while processing orders is handled as confidential. The right to process data, publish or forward belongs only to owner of data (the client).
  • If Mailbow provides technical help fulfilling the order from Mailbow client, then it does not change the nature ow data ownership or responsibility.
4. What rights are granted to person who's data is been processed?
The right to view, to edit data, to end processing data.
  • By default personal data is not being published, unless there is prior consent (collected during conference, training participation).
  • All personas are able to view their data in our self-service environements.
  • There is usually option to review and edit data, that can be updated immediately. 
  • If data cannot be changed, reachable, published in web or in self-service environments, the party should send a request via email to do so, and identifying her/him as well. Data should be updated within 7 working days.
  • If person wishes to decline receiving any of marketing materials, then proper unsubscribe link is always provided with personalized marketing content. Effective immediately.
  • If there is no more legal base to process, publish or to give access to personal data, then the person is entitled to request stopping the usage, processing and/or access to the data. The party should send a request via email to do so, and identifying her/him as well.
  • Request will be deined if:
    - it may violate other persons' rights and/or freedom,
    - it may prevent providing or not providing the service,
    - it may prevent legal autorities' work,
    - it is not technically necessary and/or possible.
    - person's request is not related to data legally,
    - requesting person can not be identified properly.
  • For example:
    - Emali address cannot be deleted from system raw database, because then it deletes OPT-OUT request.
    - All contact data cannot be deleted from CRM if there is a standing request "forget contact". 
Privacy Policy and updates
Using Mailbow websites and/or service platforms you confirm that you are informed and you agree with current Privacy Policy terms and principles. We reserve the right to update Privacy Policy when the need arises and to inform about it everyone involved.
Thank you ahead for any specifying question