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Proovi tasuta

Tallinn based Mailbow, one of the busiest email marketing software (13.09.2012)

Tallinn based Mailbow, one of the busiest email marketing software in the Baltics, delivers more than 10 million emails monthly for several businesses. Mailbow became a success software already in Estonia, brands like Monton, Mosaic, Piletilevi, Nordic Hotel Forum, Imperial Tobacco, Linda Line, and hundreds other businesses use it to communicate with their customers.

Because of the Estonian success Mikk Orglaan, CEO of Mailbow decided to go global and started to look for international cooperations. First new target would be Finland and in order to set foot in the local market Mailbow started a cooperation with Vendorio, a Finnish trade house.

“For both companies, this represents a significant step in our aim to increase our market share in email marketing in other European countries” explains Mikk Orglaan, CEO of Mikare. “Additionally this close cooperation will benefit our current customers when it comes to range of our services.”

“Our first and foremost goal is opening up new market for Mailbow in Finland, but this cooperation between the two companies, by executing a long term strategic internationalization plan will bring a win win situation to both of us.” says Jussi Määttä CEO of Vendorio.

Mailbow is an email marketing software that helps you grow your business. With Mailbow you can create, send and track your unique newsletters, teasers or sales offers, by this creating lasting customer relationships. Quality database, split testing, daily backup, personalized messages, autoresponder or triggers, just to mention some of the many features that helps you creating better newsletters.

Vendorio is a Fininish B2B trade house and exports network. Vendorio helps innovators, startups and corporate new businesses and ventures to increase their sales through Vendorio’s sales network, both locally in Finland and internationally. Sales are executed on a mostly commissions basis. As a part of Vendorio’s service the principals’ offering is packaged to fit for international channel sales. A 10% minimum of Vendorio’s sales comes from socially and economically responsible offerings, i.e. products and services.

More information:

Mikk Orglaan, CEO, Mailbow and Mikare, mikk.orglaan (at) mailbow.net, tel. +372 666 7666 - www.mailbow.net

Jussi Määttä, CEO, Vendorio, jussi.maatta (at) vendorio.net, tel. +358 40 552 2151 Vendorio - www.vendorio.net