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Automatiseeri klientide ja raha kogumine. Halda kliente, tooteid, arveid ja veebilehti. Automatiseeri ja süstematiseeri kontakti andmete rikastamine, õigeaegselt õige sisuga kirjade saatmine, et luua rohkem aega ja raha turundajale.

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Did you know? When you include di (05.05.2012)

Did you know?
When you include direct links into your newsletter where to download Adobe Acrobat reader, some Microsoft spam filters, such as Microsoft Exchange, may consider your email as a spam. And depending on set rules your email may end up in junk folder or will be deleted. So, whenever you prepare your campaigns, make sure Microsoft Exchange receives it without trouble.
Problem was discovered when our cross-customers had negative results and Microsoft Exchange used UCE SCL rating 7 filtering.